Tesla Slashes Prices on Model S and Model X

More Thrills, Fewer Bills, but Watch That Range – It's Slimmed Down!

Source: Tesla

Have you been eyeing the Model S or Model X, but that price tag’s just a bit out of reach? Well, I’ve got some good news for you. Tesla just dropped the price on both these beauties. Yeah, you heard that right!

Now, before you go rushing to Tesla’s U.S. website, there’s a little catch. The “Standard Range” versions of both the Model S and Model X are now up for grabs, and they’re $10,000 cheaper. That’s $78,490 for the Model S, and $88,490 for the Model X. Sounds awesome, right?

Tesla Model S
Source: Tesla

But hold up, there’s a bit of a trade-off. Opting for these cheaper versions means you’ll lose some range. The Model S drops to 320 miles (down from 405), and the Model X to 269 miles (down from 348). They’re also a smidge slower, but hey, the top speed’s still the same.

Aside from the price drop, these “Standard Range” models come with a slick Pearl White color and all black interior. Want something fancier? That’s gonna cost you extra.

Oh, and for those of you north of the border, good news! These variants are available in Canada too. No luck for other markets though, at least not yet.

So, if you can live with a bit less range, and don’t mind saving some serious cash, these new options might be right up your alley. Happy Tesla hunting!