Twitch’s New Feature to Block Banned Users

The streaming battleground is a place where content, interaction, and moderation constantly intertwine. Twitch, a dominant gaming platform that’s no stranger to the complexities of managing large, live audiences, has announced an upcoming feature that aims to provide streamers with more control over their virtual domains.

Block the Banned: Twitch’s New Shield

The soon-to-be-launched feature is simple in concept but significant in implications. According to Senior Product Manager Trevor Fisher on Twitch’s Patch Notes podcast, streamers will soon have the option to block banned users from watching their streams.

Here’s how it will work:

  • If you ban a user who’s currently viewing, their stream playback will be instantly interrupted.
  • If you go offline and later come back to stream again, that user remains blocked from viewing until you choose to un-ban them.
  • This applies equally whether the streamer or a moderator bans someone.

The intended purpose? To give creators more control over their space and address some of the moderation issues that have plagued the platform.

A Significant Caveat: The Logged-Out Loophole

The new blocking feature is not without its limitations. Notably, it only applies to logged-in users. If someone is viewing a stream while logged out of their account, the ban will not prevent them from watching. Since Twitch isn’t blocking IP addresses at this time, this creates a noteworthy exception.

The Bigger Picture: Addressing Twitch’s Moderation Challenges

This feature is a piece of a larger puzzle as Twitch grapples with ongoing moderation problems. Allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct have cast a shadow over the platform, and the community is demanding stronger measures.

Previous efforts include:

  • The addition of a one-button anti-harassment tool.
  • Enhancements to reporting and appeals processes.
  • A rewrite of community policies.
  • Taking a firmer stance against deepfakes.

Trevor Fisher acknowledges that the block feature is merely an incremental change. “We know that this is an area where people want us to do more,” he said, hinting that the platform’s approach is about chipping away at the problem piece by piece.

Final Thoughts: A Step in the Right Direction, But Only a Step

For streamers and moderators, the new blocking feature is a welcome addition. It’s a tool that can be wielded to create safer, more controlled streaming environments. Yet, the limitations and the broader challenges indicate that this is just one step on a journey toward a more secure and responsible platform.

Twitch’s commitment to improving user experience and enforcing community standards is apparent, but the road ahead is complex. The logged-out loophole highlights the limitations of technological solutions in an environment where human behavior is unpredictable.

As the new feature rolls out in the coming weeks, it will be intriguing to observe how it’s adopted by the streaming community and what additional measures Twitch may introduce. It’s clear that the platform is listening, evolving, and seeking to balance entertainment, community, and safety. The game, as they say, is on.