Opera’s iOS Browser Gets Smarter with Aria AI Integration

Browsing with Aria

Opera is stepping up its game for iOS users by embedding Aria, an AI assistant, into its web browser. Developed in collaboration with OpenAI, Aria marks a significant enhancement to the mobile browsing experience, and it’s free for everyone.

Initially rolled out on Opera’s desktop and Android versions, Aria has now garnered more than 1 million users. Now, iOS users can join the party, bringing intelligent browsing to Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. Opera is proud to note that Aria’s reach has extended across all major platforms.

What sets Aria apart? It’s all about user choice. Those interested in leveraging the AI service can opt-in, meaning it’s there if you want it, but not forced on anyone. Once you decide to enable Aria, expect intelligent insights, responsive voice commands, and a whole new browsing dimension. Users will need an Opera account, but if you don’t have one, setting it up through the app is a breeze.

Built on Opera’s “Composer” infrastructure and synergized with OpenAI’s GPT technology, Aria is poised for growth and future enhancements. Opera has plans to expand Aria’s capabilities into generative AI and other search services, ensuring a forward-thinking approach to user engagement.

Source: Opera

Like a chatbot, Aria answers questions directly within the Opera iOS app. Just type your question or, if you prefer, speak it by tapping the microphone button. It’s that intuitive!

The impact of Aria on user engagement is clear. Opera’s co-CEO, Lin Song, expressed satisfaction with the quality of early user interaction, as well as an increase in total time spent, searches, and pageviews per session.

Aria isn’t Opera’s first foray into AI. They had previously introduced AI Prompts, facilitating quick conversations with generative AI services for various content needs.

Opera for iOS, available as a free download, doesn’t just stop at AI. It’s loaded with features like built-in ad blocking, free VPN, tracking prevention, a crypto wallet, and private browsing support.

The integration of Aria into Opera’s iOS web browser exemplifies the ongoing fusion of AI technology with everyday digital tools. For those looking to add a spark of intelligence to their browsing experience, Opera’s iOS app is worth a try. The future of browsing is here, and it’s singing the sweet notes of Aria.